Creative competitiveness in a changing world, through economic development strategic planning

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Business Roundtable’s recent Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation has implications for economic development practice

Business Roundtable describes itself as “an association of chief executive officers of America’s leading companies working to promote a thriving U.S. economy and expanded opportunity for all Americans through sound public policy.” The organization, which claims its members employ 15 million workers, periodically issues various policy statements, the latest of which represents a revised declaration (Statement) of “the purpose of a corporation,” signed by 181 CEOs. (read more)


Economic development in the face of still more disruption

The story of how economic development should be conducted has been rewritten more times than a failed Hollywood movie script. However, in these times of sector consolidation, climate change, robotics and AI, and other challenges, still another reinterpretation is needed to stave off obsolescence of place. (read more)



Life is not simply a matter of chance. Most aspects of our personal and social life can be approached intentionally, strategically. Five key points for making economic development strategic planning work.


Meaningful socially oriented strategic plans can only emerge from purpose-directed individuals working creatively together.


Who does strategic planning? Corporations, progressive local/regional governmental or non-profit entities with a long-term focus, and economic development organizations; and who should be doing it?

Strategic planning is set up and implemented by people


What social issues would you like to see receive the attention of a committed group of citizen problem-solvers?

What qualities do you consider to be crucial for participants in such a group? Would you expect these participants to use these qualities in their own personal lives?

Do you believe your education and life experience has given you the knowledge to address most social issues and organize your own life to maximize your personal effectiveness?


  • Acting on their own behalf, they will take leadership of their own lives and also influence others.

  • Acting in tandem, they will generate comprehensive movements that affect us all.